Flathead County Sheriff 2010

"It's Time to Get Back to Business!"

Over-supervision within the Sheriff's Office needs to stop.

As of November 2009, there were more supervisors than deputies to supervise. This is an inefficient way of managing the Sheriff's Office, and it is a waste of taxpayers' money.

We need to make public safety a priority.

The Sheriff's Office has invested thousands of dollars into boats for patrol and rescue on our lakes and rivers. Not one boat from the Sheriff's Office was in the water during the 4th of July of 2009, the busiest time of the year. We have a responsibility to the public to be present and available when needed in a timely fashion.

School Resource Officers are needed.

I believe School Resource Officers have a big impact on our children and our communities. We need to get deputies back into schools that have lost their School Resource Officer. The safety of our children needs to come first.

The Search and Rescue full time coordinator position needs to be restored.

As of 2009, the full time Search and Rescue Coordinator position was eliminated. In an emergency, the Search and Rescue teams need to be fully prepared and at their very best. The full time coordinator is responsible for organizing volunteers and rescue teams. The coordinator also provides supervision and monitors the teams' equipments and training status. Readiness is crucial in our recreation - rich county.

More grants need to be pursued.

Grants are always available to help create and sustain programs for our community. My goal would be to actively pursue more grants that would benefit the Sheriffs Office and the citizens of Flathead County.

Leadership needs to be fair and consistent.

Officers should never be above the law. Our officers deserve to be treated with fairness and respect, their morale and job performance depend on it. During my tenure as Undersheriff, any employee who violated the law was held publicly responsible including prosecution and termination when appropriate. All serious actions need to be public and transparent, not minimized and covered up.

Paid for by the committee to elect Chuck Curry for Sheriff 2010

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